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image  1 A different kind of progress photo, exactly 1 year apart
January 26, 2023

A different kind of progress photo, exactly 1 year apart.Left: January 2022Right: January 20231 year difference, many things learnt. On the left was a girl who had just discovered her love and passion for fitness, and she was obsessed. She would track her meals daily to the EXACT calorie & macro. She wouldn’t eat out because she couldn’t track it. She would exercise twice a day because she loved it and didn’t know how to say no. She was obsessed with becoming the leanest and smallest she could be. Fast track to 1 year later and I am the heaviest, strongest, fittest & happiest I have been. My relationship with food & exercise is amazing. I still track but it’s not the end of the world if I go over. When I eat out, I get what I want without obsessing over how many calories might be in it.4 main things I have learnt between these photos:1️⃣ Gym isn’t everything. Of course it’s great to have goals but don’t let it take over your life. It’s ok if you miss a workout, it’s ok if you go over your cals for the day, it’s ok to go out and have a drink with friends. It’s your life and you have to LIVE!!!2️⃣ The weight on the scale doesn’t mean anything.Between these photos I am 6 kg heavier. I have put on a sh*t load of muscle and even some fat. But go off how you FEEL. How you feel in your everyday life, how you feel working out & what you can achieve compared to before.3️⃣ Rest is important.I used to think “the more I do, the fitter & stronger I will get”, cause that makes sense right? Well no, not exactly. Rest is equally as important as training. You have to let your body & muscles recover through sleep, hydration, proper fuel & stretching (something I still need to work on 😅). ESPECIALLY if your goal is to build muscle! You need to give them time to build & repair. 4️⃣ Have performance based goals.My goals at the start of last year were to become lean and small. With both of my goals being aesthetic based goals, I was always left unfulfilled, never satisfied with where I was sitting looks wise. Whereas now, my goals are to get strong & fit as heck. It’s so damn rewarding when you achieve something you couldn’t before!!!⚡️2023, we get stronger🚀
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