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image  1 ANNABELLE - A little insight into my thoughts this afternoon
October 22, 2022

A little insight into my thoughts this afternoon.I got caught up scrolling through my camera roll, specifically the photos from the end of last year and start of this year.I found myself thinking “wow, I was so lean then, I need to get back there”. Now, obviously I am still very lean now and I am happy with how I’m sitting. But it’s funny to me that during that time I still thought there was room for improvement and wasn’t aware of how lean I had gotten. It just goes to show that no matter what someone looks like, everyone has those moments when they don’t feel confident. I still have these moments. But if you find yourself in a similar situation, scrolling through all photos and memories just like me, think about what you have learnt and achieved since that photo.Personally, I have gotten a lot stronger, fitter, confident, come out of my shell ALOT and experienced a lot of overall growth as a person. My goals and my mindset have also shifted to what they were then which has been part of my growth. These were just a couple of my thoughts that I would share with you all 🫶🏻-----#gym #ootd #activewear #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fit #fitnessjourney #goldenhour #afternoon #healthylifestyle #selfie #healthy #discipline #consistency #explorepage #explorepage #gymootd #tips #comparison #bodyimage #selflove
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