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image  1 EMMA | PERSONAL TRAINER - MY NEW UPDATE OF MY FITNESS PLANI like to keep you updated with my fitness
January 6, 2023

MY NEW UPDATE OF MY FITNESS PLANI like to keep you updated with my fitness and what my next stages are.🌟I am now moving back to coaching myself with my training - which I am super excited about as I have learnt so much throughout my lean bulkFitness is trial and error, trying new things out and finding what works for you - I feel at a point now where I am confident to know what works for me! MY TRAINING AND WORKOUT SPLIT 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️So I have planned my week of workouts to suit my goals. It includes 4 brand new workout split days with some new exercises and supersets which I have been trialing out for a couple of weeks to see if they suit me!I feel I can commit to 4 full gym days, splitting my week to suit my lean bulk and fitness goals.I will be sharing my new workout split with you soon! Let me know if this is something you would like me to share by giving this post a SAVE 👍🏼NUTRITION 🥑🍌So if you watch my stories or have been following my progress for the past month or two, I have been tracking my nutrition (which prior to my lean bulk I didn’t do)I will be continuing to track as it has honestly been such a game changer in terms of seeing progress and feeling my best! I definitely was under-fuelling my body prior to nutrition tracking, and whilst especially trying to gain muscle, it is super important to ensure you are getting enough of the right nutrients to see results! I will be sharing more updates and detail about my fitness with you soon 👀....#discoverunder100k #discoverunder20k #explorepage #explore #gymgirls #gymgirl #fitnessaddict #fitnessgirl #leanbulk #musclebuilding #muscleup
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