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image  1 Happy friyaaaay
February 6, 2023

Happy friyaaaay 🤍 I was meant to do a double training sesh today (intervals & an easy recovery bike) + an additional swim (I didn’t do at the start of the week because 10 mins into the sesh I had to abort mission because of a pool incident). Howeverrrr, today I ended up doing a total of NONE of these. Here is a mixture of reminders:A) you need to give your body a rest when you feel you need it (me not sleeping well lately is probs a signal that actually I may need to switch off completely & be a potato) 🧘‍♀️B) sometimes though, you actually NEED to get the work done instead of taking the easier route 😬C) B is not a contraction of A - differentiate the need for recovery Vs feeling a little bit lazy 🤔D) you can’t always rely on ‘feeling motivated’ to do things 👊E) you got this 😘F) have the best weeeeeekend guys 💕 Ps. Wearing rest day sweats + latest 🦈 collection: long line bra + cap + socks 😍 #restday
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