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image  1 how much protein to eat per day for muscle growth
January 26, 2023

How much protein to eat per day for muscle growth?👇🏽protein is one of the most important factors when it comes to muscle growth and protein synthesis! a lot of people overcomplicate it, when it’s really so simple✨here are my protein recommendations:-aim for .8-1g of protein per lb of bodyweight everyday: you can have more too, but this probably won’t bring any extra benefits, it will just be used as energy-aim for 3-5 meals per day high in protein: try to space your meals out so you get in protein throughout the day! and yes you can have more meals, but this won’t bring any extra benefits regarding protein synthesis!-start and end your days with a high protein meal: when you wake up in the morning, one of the best things to do is eat a meal high in protein, because you just spent the past 7-9+ hours sleeping! before you go to bed, it’s also a good idea to have adequate protein so your muscles can repair as you sleep. a slower digesting protein source, such as casein protein, is especially good before bed!-don’t go more than 5 hours without a meal: always have snaccs at hand (my favs are protein bars, protein puddings, shakes, etc—so that when i’m working long shifts or out all day i can still stay on top of my goals). if you are constantly waiting too long between meals your body will break down your muscle tissue instead, so be sure to be getting in a meal every few favorite protein powders are + you can use code KATE to save💪🏽
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