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October 22, 2022

2021 to 2022: HOW I GREW MY GLUTES + LEGS💘🤍weight training 5-6x per week: 2-3 of these sessions are leg day!🤍calories: maintenance🤍get in enough protein: my daily protein goal at the moment is about 1gram per lb of body weight..all of my fav protein & supplements are from (discount code KATE for 💰off) If you have trouble getting in protein, i’d really recommend investing in quality supplements to hit your goals!✔️🤍progressive overload: aim to train HARDER than last session: training until failure—phone off during workouts, total concentration on form and pushing myself to be better than before🤍eating enough before workouts to have sufficient energy🤍cardio a few times per week: the heart is the most important muscle in the body! as long as you eat enough cardio won’t negatively impact muscle growth!🤍DISCIPLINE AND CONSISTENCY!! build a lifestyle you love and the rest will follow! you won’t get results from lying in bed, so take initiative and put in the work! dreams don’t work unless you do!💪🏽If you’re struggling to build muscle, I also have a glute growth + nutrition guide with all my top tips and in depth details on exactly what I do to grow my glutes + muscle—dm me to purchase it!⚠️Be sure to also check out my YouTube (link in bio) for more glute-growth tips and lifestyle videos!🎥💓outfit is discount code KATE 💓
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