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December 1, 2022

creatine q&a👇🏽creatine is a natural supplement that aids in athletic performance💪🏽personally, i love creatine and take 5g per are some benefits:•helps muscle cells produce more energy•improves performance in high intensity exercises•it’s the most effective natural muscle building supplement and speeds growth •can help lower blood sugar and diabetes •it can alter cellular pathways, leading to increased muscle growth•easy to use and inexpensive •can reduce fatigueit does NOT make you bloated, and won’t negatively impact you if you’re a female💪🏽i truly believe creatine serves as a catalyst for growth, however more important than any supplement is your training and nutrition. you can’t use supplements as a bandaid for a bad diet—so be consistent, patient, and WORK for your goals to see results, because they don’t come on their own. once you do this, take the supplements and see how far you go😉my favorite creatine is from and you can use code KATE for a discount😍hope this helps queens!💪🏽
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