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August 11, 2022

debunking fitness myths!💪🏽“avoiding carbs helps with fat loss“❌wrong! a calorie DEFICIT helps with fat loss & losing weight!“you have to lift extremely heavy to see results“❌WRONG! yes—lifting heavy and becoming stronger is amazing! however if you’re sacrificing your form, lower the weight and do more reps! time under tension and mind muscle connection is everything!“creatine makes you bloated“❌not in my experience! i use creatine (discount code KATE—link in my bio!) and i absolutely love it! 5g a day of magic✨ make sure to check with a doctor before taking it🤌🏽“you have to eat big to get big“❌not necessarily! a slight surplus, rather than a huge one, can do wonders for muscle building! even at maintenance or in a deficit you can grow muscle! it requires more patience, but the results pay off! slow and steady wins the race✔️“eating past XX will make me gain weight“❌nope! what’s important is calories in vs calories out, not even on a daily basis, but more so a weekly and monthly basis!what are myths you believed in the past?💘wearing discount code KATE (link in my bio!!)💘
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