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September 30, 2022

HOW I GROW MY LEGS💪🏽for more in depth fitness + lifestyle tips be sure to check out my youtube—link in my bio! here’s a condensed version👇🏽-calories: make sure to be eating enough for your goals! even if your goal is fat loss, don’t eat in too big of a deficit!! you don’t want to lose muscle! eat enough to have the energy to train HARD and give your sessions your all💪🏽i eat a high carbs and protein meal pre and post workout—fuel and train to be an athlete✔️-i eat at least 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight—this is what works for me! high quality whole foods and supplementing when necessary.-resistance training: CHALLENGE your muscles with some form of resistance so they are stimulated to break down and grow! if you’re just starting out, resistance bands or light weights are fine, but don’t be afraid to lift heavy!! (with proper form of course!!) train as much as you can until failure!-progressive overload: make your workouts CHALLENGING! don’t just go through the motions! i see way too many people on their phones when they workout (yes, even during sets😭) PUSH YOURSELF and train like a beast! you can make your workouts more challenging by adding more time under tension, weight, pulses, pauses, using proper form, etc etc🐺-discipline and consistency: i think a lot of people think they can do a two week workout challenge and see results that take YEARS to see...this is a LIFESTYLE, not a quick fix! be patient and consistent—amazing results will come with time✨-sleep and recover: get those 7-9 hours, STRETCH!! take epsom salt baths, use ice, eat enough, and do whatever it takes to make sure you’re staying healthy outside of the gym🖤outfit is discount code KATE 🫶🏽
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