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September 5, 2022

progressive overload tips💪🏽🫶🏽increase time under tension: adding pauses, pulses, more reps, or anything to make the set a bit longer goes a long way! i also try my best to train until failure!🫶🏽increase weight: don’t be afraid to lift HEAVY! it won’t make you bulky!! 🫶🏽use proper form: definitely underrated! focus on the right form before increasing weight!🫶🏽drop sets: after going until failure with a certain weight sometimes what i’ll do to make a set harder is immediately switch to a lower weight and go again until failure!🫶🏽increase volume/repsprogressive overloading with the same exercises in my workout program has been the most effective for me with regards to muscle and strength building! adding the extra stress to my muscles has taken my training to the next level and has been much more effective than a different youtube or instagram workout everyday!as usual, strive for STRONGER, not smaller💪🏽wearing #teamboandtee 🫶🏽
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