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October 1, 2022

STAYING FIT AS A BUSY PERSON—MY TOP TIPS💪🏽these past few months i’ve been balancing fitness with uni, work, social media, etc!!’s definitely not easy, so here are my tips to help you💘meal prepping: no matter what your fitness goal is, nutrition makes 80% of results! meal prepping makes it so much easier to hit your goals, + saves money and time! i try to make sure that my meals are balanced and high in protein, with carbs and fats!have a workout schedule and stick to it! have your workouts planned out at least a day in advance with the exercises, sets, and reps you will do...saves a ton of time and stress at the gym! you don’t have to go to the gym every day to see results, just try to consistently go a few times a week!get your sleep, eat your veggies, and stay hydrated!! it’s so easy as a busy person to skip the veggies or forget to drink water—even if you have to set a reminder on your phone or a limit on netflix to get that sleep do it!listen to lectures on walks/in transportation/on breaks! something that helps me out a lot is listening to recorded lectures during my walks, so that way i get to spend time in the fresh air and de-stress but also learn! i also like to go on walks in between classes to get some movement in!what helps you?!👇🏽🐰 backpack and outfit are discount code KATE 🫶🏽
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