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September 22, 2022

things i wish i knew before my fitness journey💪🏽don’t be afraid to go into the weight section and lift heavy weights!! mind muscle connection is EVERYTHING!using proper form with lower weight is much more effective than ego lifting to show offthe stairmaster won’t grow your glutesyou can still build muscle and do cardio! cardio is so important for your heart health so don’t skip it—just be sure to eat enough for your goals!2 week workouts off of youtube/fad diets won’t do anything significant. results take TIME, dedication and CONSISTENCY. i’ve been working HARD in the gym this past year, pushing my limits, and have seen results relatively quickly because of my discipline. another important thing to keep in mind regarding results is that if you were an athlete in the past (like me—i was an athlete and dancer my whole life before lifting—results can be accelerated when you start weight training!)no matter how much money you spend on supplements, nothing can outdo a bad diet!sometimes, you’re not going to feel like it. sometimes your sessions will be bad. but showing up for yourself, and embracing the bad days will only make you better💪🏽✨working out should be something you LOVE!! i’m so grateful i found lifting—i’m seriously in love with the feeling it gives me! find movement that makes you feel empowered, and most importantly: strive for STRONGER, not smaller💪🏽outfit: discount code KATE—link in my bio!🫶🏽fav supplements: discount code KATE—link in bio✨
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