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December 24, 2022

THINGS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE MY FITNESS JOURNEYBodies aren’t a trend: Social media can make it really hard to love ourselves the way we are and appreciate our uniqueness—as someone who’s struggled with body image my best piece of advice is to stop the comparison and embrace who you are! Instead of trying to become someone else, become the best version of you! Strong, healthy, and happy😌2. Don’t rush: results take time, and though I saw pretty rapid growth (due to my childhood as a pre pro athlete) I realized that slow and steady truly wins the race!3. Stop comparing yourself with others: everyone has different genetics, it’s like comparing apples to oranges🫠Instead focus on being the best version of you, there’s room for all of us to succeed💪🏽4. Don’t restrict calories: when I was a pre pro ballet dancer it was ingrained into us that smaller is better, but I promise you being strong is so much more rewarding! Strength and feeling good>>>5. Pay attention to your reps, weights used, the time of your sets, etc! I use the notes app on my phone to track this!What do you wish you knew?💪🏽
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