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December 17, 2022

TIPS FOR AN HOURGLASS FIGURE⏳💓train your upper body: ladies, don’t be afraid to LIFT WEIGHTS AND TRAIN YOUR UPPER BODY!! training and growing your back gives the illusion of a smaller waist, and it’s also so freaking cool to have a strong upper body as a woman✨train your legs: build your lower body! some exercises i love: squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, weighted glute bridges, leg extension, abductions, lunges, etceat enough calories: you don’t need to drastically cut your intake to see results! don’t follow fad diets, because you will set yourself up for failure and frustration...everything in moderation, enough protein + food, & a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle will get you to your is a long term lifestyle, not a quick fixprioritize muscle recovery: 7-9 hours of sleep, rest days, not training the same muscle group everyday, stretching, heat therapy, rolling out, and allowing your body to recover from your workouts helps you go into the next one STRONGER than last timeeven though you can’t change your bone structure you can build the illusion of an hourglass figure and appear more defined through resistance training! remember you’re beautiful regardless💘 hope this helps queens✨ discount code KATE to save on my favorite protein powders, vitamins, and supplements💪🏽🖤
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