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Best workouts
October 10, 2022

MY FITNESS JOURNEY 🙌I get asked all the time: ‘when did you start your fitness journey?’ But it’s hard to put a date on it... I started playing sport when I was 4 years old and still am at 21 so I’ve always been active. BUT for the point of this post, I’m going to set my start date to when I first joined a gym. PHOTO #2 - 2019- First year out of school, living my best life, drank every weekend- Was playing high level netball, training 6x a week- Did F45 every day, sometimes in the AM and PM because it was trendy (lol)- Beach sprinting for fun, but wasn’t training- In an awkward phase of holding onto childhood sports & wanting to be an adult who just went to the gym - so I did both- Slept 4-5 hours a night- Performance was on a declinePHOTO #3 - 2020- Lockdown- Tiktok became a big thing & I was heavily influenced by it- I was exposed to extremely restrictive ‘what I eat in a day’s’, fad diets & received nasty comments about my body- I’d always been a big eater & here I became ashamed of it- Became so worried about what I looked like and what others thought of me- I developed the eating habits of a 5 year old- On a positive side, this is when I found and fell in love with sprinting- Finally felt like I had a training purpose... but was still torn between caring more about what I looked like vs my performance- This mindset was jeopardising my performancePHOTO #4 - 2022- Surrounded myself with experts in the fitness community & took my sport seriously - Started tracking my food & realised how much I was under-eating as an athlete & how much potential I was wasting- Increased my food intake & set performance-based goals- Developed a passion for fuelling & nourishing my body & embraced being the big eater I am- Realised how empowering lifting & building muscle is - Learnt to love rest days & listen to my body

Since the last photo in 2020, I am proud to say I am now eating over 3x as much and & now physically capable of things I never thought possible. It’s all about mindset. Start focussing more on what you can do, instead of what you look like. Fit isn’t a size, its a feeling. & most importantly, strong is hot, never be ashamed of it xx
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