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image  1 Stef Williams | Stef Fit - SEFI Silhouette, available tomorrow
November 1, 2022

SEFI Silhouette, available tomorrow. 1/11/22 7pm 🕖 I just Wanted to share how & why I created our first print. I took myself back to when I first started training, what made me feel good, what made me feel confident & pattern was actually a big part that. I felt like when it’s done right, it’s just so flattering. So I had a massive brainstorm. I sat there and I thought to myself, what inspires me what makes me feel strong what do I use every day, what do I love.. I quickly came to the conclusion that a woman’s body goes through so much for us each & every single day, how strong each & every one of us are. A woman’s silhouette came into my head, outlining how much our body does for us everyday. I came up with the idea of not being able to know what you’re looking at until it’s up close, making it feel even more special & beautiful the closer you got & that there’s more to the print than meets the eye, just like a women 🤍 I researched so many patterns & it just clicked & felt so right for me & still so SEFI. I want us to feel empowered & for us to be celebrated. That’s what SEFI Silhouette is 🫶🏼 I saw my designer we hashed it out together she went away with what I’d described & imagery Id showed, although it was very much something taken from my brain that I needed to describe & SEFI Silhouette was born 🥹🫶🏼
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