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April 3, 2023

Blessing ur feed with some ✨raw reality✨ When choosing the holistic healing route of healing gut & skin I knew it was going to be a longer one but I guess nothing can really prepare you for the unknown and what you’re about to embark on you just have to trust. And I do, I truly trust this journey and my why is so strong however it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes it’s truly just fucking hard. There are days where I know I’m doing ALL I can yet just feel like I’m doing no where near enough!! It’s Saturday night I’m laying in bad having my 2nd menty B for the night, an anxiety attack over my skin breaking out, my whole body feeling itchy and scratching till I bleed not knowing why but finding comfort in knowing I will wake up tomorrow and go again. Show up for my current self and most importantly my future self and just keep swimming. 🐟 Even through pain and exhaustion we can choose to see what we still have. Shifting your focus from everything you don’t have to all the beautiful things you do have. Remind yourself that sometimes when you can’t see any light, when you’re hurting, sad or lonely that something so good could be around the corner you just don’t know it yet. This month: I choose to be soft and gentle with myself. Free from the hurt, stress, anxiety and the unknown. To trust in the process without being scared of the outcome. It will happen, I can see it I just must believe it and remind myself of that vision daily. I hope you find that strength too 🤍✨🦋🌸👼🏼 #torisstory #acne #acnetreatment #healing #holistic #holistichealth #holistichealing #health #guthealth #ibs #sibo #pcos #pcosawareness #guthealing #journey #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #mindset #mentalhealth
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