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image  1 Stephanie Joshi - HAPPY 2023 NUTTERS
January 2, 2023

HAPPY 2023 NUTTERS 🎉🤍!!Starting the new year STRONG, as I wish to go on with a rest day 💪 (aka January will be no different to feb or march or April etc). It’s not about what you do on day one but what you do day in and day out! Consistency. Forming small habits. Taking small steps daily that over time, you look back & see the massive growth & progress you’ve made! I mentioned #gymshark66 on my stories yesterday. Who will be joining me?! Remember it’s not about setting wild goals. It’s about setting smaller, attainable ones that you will be able to stick to for 66 days.. & then who knows.. maybe continue for the rest of the year! Mine aren’t exactly exciting but from this day forward.. (1) I’ll drink more water 😳🫣(help lol) (2) I won’t use my phone after 10pm (3) I’ll do one strength session a month! 💪 Those are mine, what are yours?! Ps. I’m super excited for the year ahead & wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for being a huge part of my life!!! ❤️Pps. Contrary to the photo swipe, progress takes time 😂 that angle was just doing freaky things to my arm hahah
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