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August 17, 2022

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET 💭🤍-So I know I shared a post similar to this before, but when you are constantly learning and developing yourself and your body, you begin to change the way to do things and how to become a better and stronger person. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways in which I have been able to change my mindset in order to give more focus and achieve goals. Wearing this gorgeous set from the BRAND NEW Spectre Collection #boandtee 1. DON’T STRIVE TO BE PERFECT - this is the best thing I can advise when trying to change the way you see health and fitness. It shouldn’t be about 100% perfection, living by strict rules and never allowing yourself to enjoy. It is about balance, longevity and lifestyle - not about a quick fix where you abide by rules.2. DO WHAT YOU ENJOY - with fitness, I have tried so many times to get into certain training styles or exercises that some people really enjoy doing. But through that, I have learnt what I enjoy and what I don’t, meaning that you can pick and choose what you include in your own personal journey. It’s not about following a plan that you hate doing, or forcing yourself to stick to a workout schedule you are dreading doing. It’s about finding what works for you and enjoying exercise.3. GOOD FUEL WITH BALANCE - it is so good to have a mix of healthy meals and snacks, mixed with some little treats, evenings out and fun. It can’t be all one or all the other, it’s nice to have some healthier choices and some more relaxed choices mixed into your weeks.4. THERE IS NO RUSH - so I know I sometimes talk about my monthly goals and progress, as well as planning to get “fit” for certain times of the year, but there is no rush for your “end goal”. For me, my goal ultimately is to continue exercising in the way I enjoy, feeling good about my body and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It should be a process that doesn’t have a end result, as you will want to continue enjoying the journey you have created. Let me know if you find posts like this useful by giving this a SAVE and I will SHARE MORE of my tips and mindset advice with you 👍🏼✨#discoverunder100k #discoverunder20k
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